2015 NFL Draft Prospect Nate Orchard

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Orchard is so athletic, many scouts from 3-4 teams want to see if he can cover and the just might in the Senior Bowl. My belief is the former wide receiver can do anything you ask him to do on a football field so 3-4 teams need not worry at all. He has great feet, can change direction well and has blazing speed for a man his size and can chase receivers down with it.

I will be interesting to see what he runs in the 40-yard dash but on the field, speed is definitely not a problem for him. But I would bet that he’s going to have one of the best 10-splits when he runs and the NFL Scouting Combine. If he were in the SEC, they would be talking about what a freak of an athlete he is and hype him up like he’s the next Lawrence Taylor.