Pac-12 vs SEC NFL Draft Prospects: Edge Rushers

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Dec 5, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; General view of the Pac-12 logo at midfield of Levi

Bottom Line

Seeng the Pac-12 get disrespected while the SEC gets all the glory is getting old, especially when it comes to NFL prospects. The SEC has a lot of big, strong, fast guys that are stiff and don’t have the game down mentally and overhypes them. In the NFL, big, strong and fast isn’t going to win you everything because everyone in the NFL is big, strong and fast.

You have to have the nuances of the game down and have different elements to your game so you don’t get figured out. And once you get figured out in the NFL, that’s it because opposing teams will relentlessly work toward making you do something different. And if you can’t by three years after you’ve been figured out, you have no future in the NFL.

I’m not saying what Ray is or isn’t going to do but he’s definitely going to have to learn a few things before he’s ready for the NFL. He has a ways to go while Orchard is way ahead of him and ready to have a 10-sack season in the NFL right now. I always thought that the expectation of a first round pick was to have an immediate impact on the team he goes to.