Case For Khalil Mack to Win Defensive Rookie of the Year

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More With Less Opportunity

Pro Football Focus takes the run and pass into account and rated Mack No. 1 for 4-3 outside linebacker in the NFL. Some 4-3 outside linebackers like the Denver Bronco Von Miller blitz a lot but the Raiders Blitz less than any team in the NFL. Like Miller, Mack puts his hand in the dirt on passing downs but since the Raiders don’t blitz, he doesn’t get as many opportunities to rush the passer.

Plus his offense only scored enough points to have a lead late in the game three times and three of his four sacks, including two in one series, came in that situation. So if he were in that situation more you have to know he would have more sacks as most of the time, he’s down a few scores. And when opponents are trying to run out the clock Mack performs as he is PFF’s No. 1 rated 4-3 outside linebacker against the run.