Top-5 Deep Threats in the 2015 NFL Draft

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No. 1 Devin Smith

Size-wise, at 6’1″, 200 pounds he’s a tweener and speed-wise, he’ll race Dorsett for the fastest 40-time at the combine. He uses every one of those elements to the fullest to be the best deep threat coming out in the draft. To go with the size strength and speed, Smith is remarkable at tracking and adjusting to the deep ball and makes circus catches.

Can you imagine the year that Smith would have had if Cardale Jones was his quarterback all year long?

He most certainly would have had more than the 913 yards he had receiving for this season. But that doesn’t matter because he showed just how much of a deep threat he was with 28.7 yards per catch. And of his four years playing at Ohio State, he had over 20 yards per catch in three of them.

That’s why he’s rising up draft boards as I write this.