Shane Ray Scouting Report

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What I see

At one time, I thought Ray’s speed was overrated but I have to admit now that his speed is as advertised. His burst around the corner is incredible as he often leaves tackles in their stances but that’s not all of if. In the run game, if you run away from him, you better put a body on him because he will run the play down.

And if the opposing running back makes it to the second level, Ray is still a threat to run him down from behind. He plays every bit as fast as he timed and it will be interesting to see how well he times at the combine. I won’t predict that he’ll be the best run-defending outside linebacker in the NFL but I didn’t see where he’s going to have problems there.

Ray has all the ability in the world along with a nonstop motor that comes from his passion for the game and competitive fire. He just doesn’t have a lot of pass-rush moves, depending too much on his speed and I agree with the scouts take on him staying blocked too long. But in the words of Deion Sanders a few years ago after Taylor Mays ran a blazing 40-time at the combine, “When a guy that size is that fast, I can work with him.”

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