Shane Ray Scouting Report

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As far as who he compares to goes, I haven’t heard the personnel world say anything about that yet. But rest in peace, he reminds me of a young Derrick Thomas that simply ran by opposing tackles. There’s no way to say it but he’s a freak of a talent like Thomas was and only needs developing.

You just don’t see men his size moving around with that kind of speed and agility every day. And when a freak of a talent has the passion and competitive fire he has, that’s when you get a superstar. They’re already gifted then they put the time work in every day and eventually figure it out.

His coach at Missouri, Gary Pinkel told Bill Pollock of Missourinet, “One of the great competitors I’ve been around in my life… my top life.” His position coach, Craig Kuligowski, said of Ray to Missourinet. “The word can’t is not in his vocabulary… he’s not stopped getting better since he’s been here.

Watch out NFL—he’s coming!

I can’t wait to see what he becomes.

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