Ameer Abdullah Post-Senior Bowl Scouting Report

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What He Showed at the Senior Bowl

Abdulla showed us just how talented and versatile he is while winning the MVP of the Senior Bowl. He rushed for 73 yards, had another 40 yards receiving and really looked like the best player on the field. With the ball in his hands, he looked like the classic slasher with the aforementioned great vision, jump cuts and acceleration.

But I see a lot more of Ray Rice in Abdulla when he was coming out of Rutgers than I do Dunn. At 5’8″ and a compact 195 pounds, Rice had almost exactly the same size, with the vision, burst and change-of-direction. Rice ultimately became known for his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield too.

Another Rice-like quality Abdullah showed is even though he’s not big, he has underrated power and will break arm tackles. He’s known to be the hardest of workers and very coachable and that was apparent in the Senior Bowl. Abdulla looked to have improved in pass protection, taking well to coaching he got in Senior Bowl Week.

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