2015 2-Round NFL Mock Draft: Marcus Mariota Falls

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Bottom Line

In this race for the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Winston looks like he’s doing what he does. It doesn’t look pretty for him in the beginning and you wonder what he’s going to do about it. Then he catches his groove and comes on strong to the point where you wonder why it was difficult in the first place.

It looks like he is pulling away from Mariota as he falls off the pace as the scouts look at tape of him. But to be honest, that would be the greatest thing to happen to Mariota as a pro. If he goes to Philadelphia, he’ll come in and be ready to start right away but with all the running, he’ll get hurt like the rest of them.

If Reid gets him, he learns how to play quarterback, doesn’t run his body into the ground and becomes a real weapon.

And as for Winston, he could go to the playoffs as a rookie.

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