2015 NFL Free Agency: The Top-5

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1. player. 28. . DL. Detroit Lions (Signs with the Oakland Raiders). Ndamukong Suh

As it’s been reported many times throughout the season, Ndamukong Suh will be leaving the Detroit Lions. If there is such a thing as unblockable in the NFL, Suh is it as he is so physically dominant. You don’t just let a guy like that go but to franchise him, it would cost the Lions over $26 million.

The Lions are in no position with their salary cap to take such a hit so that’s why Suh will be moving on. Bleacher report’s Jason Cole reported that Suh wants to go to the west coast, namely the Seattle Seahawks as he is from Portland, Oregon. But that’s not reality with the Seahawk’s salary cap situation as Cole pegged the Raiders as the favorites because they have the most cap space on the west coast.

If there’s a player in the NFL right now that’s made to be an Oakland Raider, it’s definitely Suh. The modern-day Lyle Alzado would bring back the rough, rugged, renegade image of the Raiders. It wouldn’t be just an image either as that is really who he is and anyone ridin’ with him has to be the same way.

He would lift the franchise out of the rut they’ve been in just like he did the Lions.

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