2015 NFL Draft: Top-5 Character Risks

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Just like every year, the 2015 NFL Draft has players that have character risks in it. And the hardest thing there is to do is to predict who’s going to come out okay and who’s going to flop. That’s because the whole thing based on not just the risk but the reward and how much a kid makes you believe in him.

In 1996, running back Lawrence Phillips was drafted No. 6 by the St. Louis Rams out of Nebraska as the most talented prospect after a domestic violence arrest. Receiver Randy Moss fell to No. 21 two years later out of Marshall after losing a scholarship to Notre Dame because of his involvement in a high school riot and getting kicked out of Florida State for smokin’ that bud. (marijuana)

Moss, the one who slid, is the one that had the 14-year Hall of Fame career while Phillips became an all-time draft bust. The five guys coming in now that have can help some teams out and the NFL personnel world has to play the game with them. The game is what you get out of the player vs what he’s doing wrong, how likely he is to mess up and what round he’s project to go in.

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