2015 NFL Scouting Combine: Vic Beasley Rising

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Speed Confirmed and Then Some

None of the scouts ever doubted his speed because he gets around that corner to the quarterback fast. I said in my scouting report that fellow edge prospect Shane Ray, who supposedly ran a 4.4 in school, doesn’t get around the corner any faster than Beasley. And with a 4.53 in the 40, Beasley confirmed his speed by running the fastest 40 of any edge prospect.

He was actually the fastest linebacker at the combine period to go with being the strongest. And with that, he answered any questions about how gaining weight would affect his speed. His movement skills were preserved too has he performed well during position drills.

I would have liked to have seen Ray come out and run the 40 so we could see what’s really going on. He was injured so he couldn’t but I seriously doubt that he runs any faster than Beasley. So while not the biggest linebacker, Beasley is big enough and has shown he is the strongest and fastest.

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