NFL Free Agency 2015: Top-5 Under the Cap

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No. 2: Oakland Raiders

DL. Leaving the Detroit Lions. Ndamukong Suh. FA. player. 28. Ndamukong Suh has often spoke about looking to grow his brand. He’s also spoke of his desire to live on the west coast, namely the northwest. But Seattle doesn’t have the cap space while the Raiders do and can grow his bad-boy brand the most.

The Jaguars are reportedly in play here but it’s up to the Raiders. Julius Thomas grew up a Raiders fan in the Bay area and his father still has season tickets. And after things got contentious with the Broncos, Thomas would love to stick it to them twice a year.. TE. Leaving the Denver Broncos. Julius Thomas. FA. player. 28

28. Head coach Jack Del Rio is planning on playing smash-mouth football in 2015. And Austin Howard is moving back to his natural position of tackle from guard. That leaves position room to go with the salary cap room the Raiders have for Mike Iupati.. Positioned. Leaving the San Francisco 49ers. Mike Iupati. FA. player

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