Are Oakland Raiders Fans Watching the Same Movie?

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Are Oakland Raiders fans watching the same movie they did last year?

Yeah, the one where they were headed to the free agency market with a Brinks truck full of money. And on the way there Reggie McKenzie’s twin brother Raleigh falls asleep at the wheel and the Brinks truck crashes. And while and Raleigh is still asleep, Reggie and owner Mark Davis get out of the truck to wait for Triple A to come.

Then when they finally get to the market, all the young, new items at the market were gone. The only items the Raiders brought back still in mint condition for the offense were left tackle Donald Penn and right tackle Austin Howard, who they misused and guard last year. Then on defense, defensive back Charles Woodson was the only one that still functioned at a high level last year.

The rest of the items the Raiders brought back would make you think they went to the antique store. The result was was LaMarr Woodley ending up with five tackles in six games before getting injured. Then Matt Schaub, with his broke off arm, had to have been the first quarterback in NFL history to throw an interception in a game he didn’t take a single offensive snap in.

Are you starting to think you’ve seen this movie before?

It’s starting out pretty bad but not necessarily.

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