Oakland Raiders Mock Draft 2015: Completing the Roster

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In free agency, the Oakland Raiders didn’t get stars but they formed a tough, physical identity. They got themselves a center that can handle 330-pound nose tackles one-on-one for the offense. They got an excellent run-blocking tight end and will end up with a versatile one when the smoke clears.

For the defense, they got a top run-stuffing nose tackle that can also collapse the pocket. They got two linebackers, one of which can cover well while the other is a big hitter and tackling machine. Then the Raiders brought in a versatile free safety that’s the right partner for Charles Woodson.

These aren’t stars but they will play their roles as the Raiders believe in building through the draft. They’ll pick their immediate stars early and have the coaching staff develop their later picks. And you never know, some later round picks may take to the coaching right away and shine instantly.

So here’s another crack I took for who the seven guys are that the Raiders should complete their 2015 roster with.

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