2015 NFL Prospect Comparisons: Amari Cooper vs Sammy Watkins

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Buffalo Bills fans, believe 2014 receiver prospect Sammy Watkins is the best to come out in recent years. And of course, Alabama Crimson Tide fans believe 2015 receiver prospect Amari Cooper is. The NFL scouting world as a whole seems to agree with the Bills as that’s all I hear in the media.

NFL.com reported an NFL scout as saying of Cooper, “He’s an easy route runner, Not a lot of wasted movement, solid hands, good speed. But I wouldn’t say he’s elite. He does a lot of things really well. He just doesn’t do anything with a ‘wow’ factor like [Sammy] Watkins, [Mike] Evans, or [Odell] Beckham last year. The best thing he may be able to do is run after the catch.”

Hall of Fame receiver Chris Carter agrees with Crimson Tide fans, once saying on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, “He [Cooper]] is a true junior from Miami and he is fabulous. … I met Amari when he was in high school at a football clinic. He’s probably the most advanced wide receiver that I have seen at a young age since Randy Moss. He has unbelievable speed, unbelievable demeanor, route-running, the sky is the limit.”

So who’s really better?

I looked at their college production, physical traits and how it translates unto the NFL.

Turn the page to see what I came up with.

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