2015 NFL Prospect Comparisons: Amari Cooper vs Sammy Watkins

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Watkins is the guy in the hands category but I’m not sure the margin can be any slimmer than it is. In his last year at Clemson in 2013, Watkins dropped only 4.5 percent of his catchable footballs. And Cooper was right there with him in his last year at Alabama with only 4.6 percent.

And when I say they both have good hands, I mean they both have good hands as they don’t just manage to catch the ball. Neither one of them are body catchers, plucking the ball out of the air with their hands, away from their bodies. And also neither one is afraid to go over that middle and both of them consistently make tough catches is traffic.

They have the same catch radius as well with Watkins arms being just a half an inch longer. They also have the same vertical leap of 34 inches to as Cooper upped his vertical leaped by an inch at his pro day. The bottom line here is they both caught over 100 balls in their last year in school and are dependable.

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