Do Jameis Winston’s Pro Day Results Mean Anything?


March 31st, 2015 marks the much anticipated Pro Day for projected #1 pick Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston.    This year has a bit of a different twist to it then it does in previous years.  Typically the top few quarterback prospects in the draft don’t participate in all of the drills at the combine, most notably the throwing portion.  Winston did and completed 16 of 16 passes with only one ball come out of his hand late and arriving behind the receiver.

All of the results out of the early sessions of the combine determined, he’s slow for a QB, he doesn’t jump high enough for a QB…etc.  Then coaches got to talk X’s and O’s with him and everything changed.  He followed that up with the impressive throwing session and from that point forward Winston has been cemented as the #1 pick and prospect in this year’s draft.

One could argue Winston actually has more to lose than gain at his Pro Day.  He’s already worked out privately for multiple teams.  He’s already met with the NFL commissioner, whom he will not reunite with on draft night.  So let’s take a look at how Winston performed today.

First things first.  Jameis did not participate in any of the drills he already completed at the combine in Indianapolis last month.  So his 4.97 40 yard dash and 28.5″ vertical will stand.  He did weigh in at 6’3 1/2″ and 231 pounds.

The first thing to note was the line of scrimmage was lined with pylons setup as mock defenders.  His first ten or so passes were typical 3 or 5 step drop passes from within the pocket.  He then began mixing in little things like dodging defenders then coming set and completing passes.  Winston’s first pass behind a receiver didn’t come until about 20 throws into his session and was on a quick out from  receiver lined up close to the line of scrimmage.

From that point Jameis moved into a part of his program with much more throwing on the move.  He was scrambling from defenders, dodging bean bags…etc.  He did have one throw in this part of the session that looked a little too far behind his receiver.

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  • He then moved into the shotgun after about 30 throws from under center.  Continuing to show his ability to move and deliver the ball under pressure.  He spent time moving in and out of the shotgun and finally made a mistake and dropped a snap under center, but was able to pick it up, scramble away from a would be defender and deliver the ball on time.

    The first incomplete pass came on attempt 36 on what looked to be a deep out route which was accompanied by a scramble to the right side of the field.  The second miss fire came shortly after on deep go route down the left sideline where the ball landed just out of reach of the receiver.  He showed good poise as the next pass was the same route down the right sideline and Jameis laid a beautiful ball into the receiver’s arms.  Towards the end of the workout Winston and his receivers moved down and displayed some work inside the 20 where Winston displayed some beautiful throws inside the redzone.

    Some things of note today.  His intangibles looked really good.  He had great command of the receivers and the drills in general.  His footwork looked really solid and his movement and throwing all looked very fluid.  Lastly it was clear he was having fun out there and I think that only helps him moving forward.

    Jameis proved today he could make all of the throws from any position.

    He threw the ball with power and zip and also threw it with finesse and touch.  He made his timing throws on time.  He showed good ability to lead receivers.  Winston’s throwing session included over 100 throws and he was significantly off target on less then 5 of them.  All in all I would call that a pretty good day.

    So maybe it was the expected results.  Maybe it was the 5-10 minute friendly conversation Winston was having with Lovie Smith before his throwing session started, but I feel today we learned more of what we already knew.  Winston looks great in shorts and a t-shirt performing a practiced set of drills with a cast he is familiar with.  All that’s left from this point is some paperwork and donning of that pewter cap on April 30th.