2016 NFL Draft: Early look at TCU’s Josh Doctson


TCU’s Josh Doctson is an elite wide receiver prospect who is flying under the radar. He features all of the tools evaluators look for in a top-end playmaker. Look for Doctson to continue his strong production and gain move attention as we approach the 2016 NFL Draft.

Doctson is a good all-around receiver but it’s his speed that makes him special. This is a quick-twitch athlete capable of taking the top off the defense. Defenders are very aware of his speed which helps open space underneath. This image shows Doctson’s ability to locate open zones in the defense and work his way back to the quarterback:

via draftbreakdown.com

His ability to adjust to the football allows him to make some spectacular catches. Doctson can adjust his body while in the air and use his hands to pluck the ball at its highest point. This makes him a strong redzone option with a fade route. The clip below shows Doctson adjusting to the ball and making an amazing one-handed catch:

Doctson isn’t just an athlete as he also has a great feel for the game. He routinely finds space in the defense, runs clean routes and knows when his quarterback needs help. The clip below shows Doctson adjusting his route as the quarterback scrambles:

Despite playing in a spread offense, Doctson shows the ability to run a wide-array of routes. He isn’t afraid to work across the middle and cleanly breaks off curls and out patterns. Doctson is a nightmare for defenders to cover because of his combination of speed, leaping ability, adjustment and route running.

The biggest area of concern surrounding Doctson is his thin frame. However, he’s still developing and will have an opportunity to add bulk working with NFL strength coaches. Adding some strength and size will also help him as a blocker where he shows effort but little effectiveness.

Doctson isn’t getting the attention he deserves but is squarely in the first-round discussion based on talent, production and upside.