2016 NFL Draft: early look at Cal’s Jared Goff


Cal’s Jared Goff is on the verge of becoming a household name with the chance to be a very early pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Goff is a special talent who has the natural ability and feel for the game evaluators look for at the next level. Based on his Sophomore tape, he’s squarely in the mix to be the top pick in next year’s draft.

Goff features the arm talent needed to generate zip to all levels of the field. He’s also able to deliver a strong throw to the sidelines. His arm strength is apparent on most throws, but he has a tendency to fade away rather than driving off his back foot. The image below shows his fade which hurts the zip on the ball:

via draftbreakdown.com

This inconsistency with his throwing motion can easily be cleaned up with more coaching and experience. It’s important to note that he is balanced in the pocket with a very natural stance. This will help when it comes time to tweak his throwing motion.

While Cal runs a spread attack, Goff has plenty of experience making NFL type throws. He doesn’t hesitate to work over the middle of the field where he shows terrific accuracy. His ball placement is consistent in that he throws his target open. The below clip shows Goff making an NFL type throw where he delivers the ball with proper loft, in between coverage and leading the receiver:

Goff also shows the ability to go through his progress while tying his feet and eyes to the target. His pocket presence helps him extend the play while still searching for an open target. Goff doesn’t let the pressure impact his decision making and isn’t afraid to take a sack.

There are a lot of quarterbacks who force the ball into coverage and make poor decisions when face with pressure. Goff’s willingness to eat the ball and move onto the next play shows his understanding of the game.

Cal’s offense features a lot of quick reads, but as the below clip shows Goff can go across the field with his progressions:

Goff’s stock is helped by the fact he has that “it” factor. His performance against Oregon last year shows that he’s a competitor capable of keeping pace with one of the top offenses in college football. The game wasn’t too big for him and he continued to rally the team despite facing long odds.

As a whole, Cal is still in the middle of a rebuilding process so most of the time they will be outmatched from a talent standpoint. Goff has a chance to show a winning attitude as he fights to keep Cal competitive in the tough Pac-12.

Outside of stepping into his throws, Goff needs to add some bulk to his frame in order to holdup against the physicality of the NFL. I’d also like to see him take a few more chances down the field. However, this is an elite talent with a chance to be very effective in the NFL.