2016 NFL Draft: early look at Kentucky’s Patrick Towles


Kentucky’s Patrick Towles is an emerging quarterback prospect with big-time physical tools. He has a chance to jump over several of the more noted quarterback prospects if he cleans up a few aspects of his game. This is a player to keep an eye on as we progress through the season.

Towles has excellent size for the position and features surprising athleticism. He’s a threat to tuck the ball and pick up yards with his legs. However, he also shows the willingness to stand tall in the pocket when faced with pressure.

His strong arm will allow him to make all the throws ask of him at the next level. He can generate good zip to all levels. Towles also knows how to take something off the ball and deliver a pass with proper touch. The clip below shows him dropping a perfect bucket pass to the wide receiver:

However, Towles has a tendency to fall off his throws and fails to consistently drive off his back foot. This leads to some inaccuracy and balls floating to the target.

Decision making is a major concern for Towles at this point in his development. He plays with a gunslinger mentality and often forces the ball into heavy coverage. I found myself routinely asking if was reading the defense or just firing the ball into a predetermined spot.

This clip shows Towles dropping back and making the poor decision to throw the ball in to triple coverage:

Towles is one of those classic toolsy prospects whose more projection than production. He shows enough physical talent to help overlook the holes in his game. If he’s able to improve his decision making and clean up his mechanics there’s no limit to his potential.

Look for him to be on the radar all season long as a sleeper prospect.