2016 NFL Draft: early look at Notre Dame’s Corey Robinson


Notre Dame’s Corey Robinson is an intriguing wide receiver prospect thanks to his elite size and length. He has a chance to really turn some heads this season if he continues developing his consistency. The NFL has put an emphasis on wide receivers with his type of size in recent years.

Robinson’s size is truly valuable because he makes every effort to use it to his advantage. He’s committed to attacking the football at its highest point. His ability to use his body to box out the defender helps him get in proper position.

He has excellent body control which allows him to adjust to the football and make some spectacular catches. This clip shows Robinson making an adjustment and pull down the ball in the back of the endzone:

Robinson’s ability to make plays in traffic and down the field reminds me a lot of Randy Moss. He also has a similar build in that he’s long and lanky. This is an area where Robinson could focus on by adding some bulk to his frame.

He isn’t afraid to get physical against defensive backs but he’d be more effective if he was stronger and thicker. This holds true in the blocking aspect of things as he shows a willingness to block but is limited in his effectiveness.

Robinson also needs to improve his overall consistency and focus. He shows a tendency to take his eyes off the football which leads to drops. While he has strong hands, he has a bad habit of letting the ball get into his chest.

The issues facing Robinson’s game are all correctable—especially with increased experience and maturity. Because of his high upside it’s easy to overlook these concerns. Robinson has the making of a top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Current Draft Position: Top-10