2016 NFL Draft: early look at Clemson’s Mike Williams


Clemson’s Mike Williams is an extremely explosive and smooth wide receiver prospect. He is the most fluid receiver in the 2016 NFL Draft class with the potential to be an elite NFL player. With more consistent quarterback play Williams will quickly become a household name.

Williams possesses a rare combination of size, length and speed. He a matchup nightmare because he can outpace bigger defensive backs and uses his size against smaller defenders. His length is a is such asset because Williams is committed to plucking the ball away from his frame.

He’s an extremely active and aggressive receiver. Williams is always in attack mode and will fight to make a catch in traffic. He has a unique ability to adjust his body to pull down poorly thrown balls. This clip shows Williams outpacing the defender, adjusting his route and plucking the ball out of the air:

The opposing defense routinely adds extra defenders to Williams’ side of the field but he has been able to remain productive. This is because he not only has great size and quickness but he runs clean routes. For his size, Williams can quickly change direction to get in and out of breaks. He’s such a smooth athlete that it’s tough for the defensive back to mirror his movement.

Clemson’s quarterbacks have become accustom to just throwing the ball up and letting Williams do the rest. This clip is a perfect example of the type of amazing plays he makes on a routine basis:

There are other receiver prospects like Laquon Treadwell and Duke Williams getting more attention but at this point Williams is a better prospect. It’s hard to find any holes in his game as he shows the physical talents, aggressive nature and production to be considered an elite prospect.

Current Draft Position: Top-5