2016 NFL Draft: early look at Ole Miss’s Evan Engram


Ole Miss’s Evan Engram is an athletic and explosive pass-catcher who’s listed as a tight end prospect. However, he lacks the size and bulk to really play that position in the NFL. Engram appears to be a better fit at wide receiver or as an H-Back.

His best trait is his ability to catch the football and pick up yards after the catch. He shows the burst needed to outpace defenders as well as the fluidity to run clean routes. Engram features long arms and big hands that help him pluck the ball away from his frame.

This clip shows Engram quickly breaking off his route, plucking the ball and making a few defenders miss in order to pick up a first down:

While Engram lacks idea bulk/size to play the tight end position, he shows excellent effort and technique as a blocker. He’s committed to gaining inside hands which allows him to keep the defender off his frame. Engram keeps his feet moving and even displays a nasty streak where he finishes his blocks.

This is why he projects better as a H-Back where he can work as a lead blocker rather than having to work with his hand in the dirt. There’s a difference between getting a running start to lay a block in the hole and attempting to seal a 300 lbs defensive lineman.

Engram will get plenty of attention because of his pass-catching skills but will need a good combine performance to show he can be compared with receivers rather than tight ends. His path to the NFL could take a similar path as Devin Funchess who was drafted in the 2nd round.

Current Draft Position: 3rd Round