2016 NFL Draft: early look at Texas Tech’s Le’Raven Clark


Le’Raven Clark is a bid-bodied and long-armed offensive tackle prospect. He’s receiving some hype as one of the better offensive tackle prospects available but I have reservations. Clark has several glaring holes in his game that will cause problems in the NFL.

Texas Tech runs a wide-open offensive attack that looks to get the ball quickly out of the quarterback’s hands. This means the offensive line is asked to block for a shorter period of time as well as use some different techniques.

Clark is often asked to use a cut block which is designed to just slow down the pass rush. He doesn’t have much experience using a kick slide usually backpedaling into the pocket. This hinders his balance, raises his pad level and exposes his frame.

However, the times Clark works his kick slide he shows the ability to establish a wide base. The clip below shows him playing with balance and anchoring after contact:

Clark’s ability as a run blocker is a major weak point. He struggles keeping his pads down after the snap and feature little power. His inability to roll his hips and deliver a strong initial pop allows the defender to control the action.

This clip shows Clark raising his pads, exposing his frame and getting driven into the backfield:

These types of plays happen too often for Clark and really disrupt the timing of the offense. His only success as a run blocker comes when he’s able to gain inside hands and seal the defender from the play; but that doesn’t happen on a consistent basis.

Clark has talent but the system and coaching at Texas Tech has hurt his development. Any team drafting Clark must be ready to allow him to develop at his own pace.

Current Draft Position: 4th Round