2016 NFL Draft: early look at Oregon State’s Storm Woods


Oregon State’s Storm Woods is an undersized but explosive running back prospect. Despite his size concerns, he is on the draft radar because of his play-making ability. There’s a place in the NFL for a player with his explosiveness and toughness.

Woods’ best attribute is his quick-twitch ability which allows him to get up to full speed in a hurry. He’s a balance runner who makes seamless cuts and accelerates. His small stature helps him hide behind the offensive and squeeze through tight running lanes.

This clip shows the type of big-play ability Woods possesses:

He works hard to make his lack of size and afterthought by running hard. Woods isn’t afraid to lower his head and keep his legs driving to pick up extra yardage. His balance also helps him break tackles as it takes a square hit to bring him to the ground.

Woods is a versatile player in that he is an asset in the passing game. He is a natural pass catcher who routinely plucks the ball away from his frame. Once the ball is in his hands, Woods uses his quickness and vision to gain yardage.

This clip shows Woods plucking the ball away from his frame and exploding to pick up the first down:

His size issues come into play when Woods is asked to protect the passer. He shows effort and isn’t afraid of contact but he just doesn’t have the bulk needed to anchor. The fact he is a willing pass protector is key because it will give the coaches something to work with.

Woods isn’t an early round prospect, but he has the talent to carve out a nice NFL career.

Current Draft Position: 4th Round