2016 NFL Draft: early look at Auburn’s Carl Lawson


Auburn’s Carl Lawson is a well-built defensive end prospect who also features good athleticism. He enters this season coming off a knee injury that cost him all of year which means it will take some time for him to round into form. However, he has as much potential as a pass rusher as anyone eligible for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Lawson is a well-rounded prospect thanks to his ability to support the run. He plays with good balance, a wide base and hand usage. His commitment to gaining inside hands and extending his arms helps keep him clean.

This clip shows Lawson using proper technique to set the edge and disengage to make the play:

As a pass rusher, Lawson uses his explosive burst off the ball to gain position on the blockers. He’s able to gain a step on the edge as well as shoot the gap. His balanced play allows him to flatten out as he pursues the quarterback.

This clip is an example of Lawson’s quick and violent hand movement which helps him keep blockers off his frame and slip into the backfield:

Lawson possesses all the physical traits needed to develop into a successful NFL player. He just needs time to develop and perfect his craft. It’s important to note that not playing last year will lead to some rust, but Lawson is talented enough to overcome.

Current Draft Position: Late 1st Round