2016 NFL Draft: early look at Alabama’s Reggie Ragland


Alabama’s Reggie Ragland is an experienced and productive linebacker prospect. He has seen a lot of action in the center of Alabama’s defense taking on top-level SEC offenses. Ragland is a plug-and-play prospect capable of starting from day one in the NFL.

This is a versatile linebacker who makes plays all over the field. He uses his stout build and explosive closing speed to fill multiple roles. His ability to quickly identify the helps put him into position to use his burst to make plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Ragland’s strength is his ability to stuff the run and fill at the line of scrimmage. However, he’s a good enough athlete to hold his own in coverage. His commitment to playing with balance and keeping his head on a swivel also plays a major role in his ability to defend the pass.

The clip below shows some of Ragland’s coverage skills—especially his ability to click and close on the football:

As you’ll notice in the clip and every time watching Ragland play, this is a linebacker who loves to deliver big hits. He routinely explodes to the football, rolls his hips and delivers a pop. Ragland isn’t the type of tackler who surrenders yards after contact.

Alabama isn’t afraid to move Ragland all over the field even giving him time rushing the pass from a defensive end spot. While he isn’t an experienced pass rusher, Ragland shows the burst to attack the edge and shoot the gap.

This clip also shows he’s capable of flattening out around the edge:

Due to his ability to both support the run and play in coverage, Ragland has shown he’s capable of being a three-down linebacker. This is important because it means he doesn’t have to come off the field in passing situations.

Current Draft Position: 1st Round