2016 NFL Draft: early look at LSU’s Vadal Alexander


LSU’s Vadal Alexander is a thick offensive line prospect who has experience at guard and right tackle. He made the move to right tackle this year, but it hasn’t been a smooth transition. His future at the next level will be at guard.

The issue is that Alexander isn’t a very good athlete and lacks the fluidity to hold up in space. He tends to play with a high pad level which limits his balance and change of direction ability. Alexander doesn’t have the foot speed needed to protect the edge against accomplished speed rushers.

This clip is an example of Alexander struggling to move his feet—luckily he’s bailed out by the escape ability of his quarterback:

As a run blocker, Alexander uses his size to generate some movement and seal defenders from the play. He has solid natural strength but his lack of explosiveness and leverage limits his effectiveness. Alexander needs to work on staying low, firing out of his stance, rolling his hips and delivering a jolt.

This clip shows Alexander playing too high and allowing the defender to get into his frame and disrupt the timing of the play:

Alexander will need to move to guard in the NFL as he’ll consistently get exposed when working in space. He has potential at guard, but he must improve his leverage and quickness off the ball. NFL defenders excel at using their hands and controlling offensive linemen who open too much of their frame.

Teams will give Alexander a look thanks to his size and hope they can improve his technique in order to maximize his potential.

Current Draft Position: 4th Round