2016 NFL Draft: early look at Mississippi State’s Chris Jones


Mississippi State’s Chris Jones is a large and thick defensive tackle prospect. He features excellent measurables including a thick bubble and long arms. However, his draft stock is hurt by his inconsistency and questionable motor.

Jones doesn’t routinely fire off the ball and immediately raises his pad level. This exposes too much of his frame and hinders his ability to push the pocket. He’s able to get away with it a little in college but will be manhandled at the next level.

This clip shows Jones’ slow first step, high pad level and lack of ball awareness:

Another major concern plaguing Jones is his questionable effort. There are too many situations where he gives up on the play. All football players, but especially defensive linemen, need to have a strong motor and play with tenacity.

Jones’ lack of effort will bring questions surrounding his love for the game. This clip is an example of Jones not pursing the football:

The NFL will give Jones plenty of looks thanks to his raw potential. His size, length and natural athleticism give him the potential to be an impact player. When he plays with a purpose it’s easy to see his upside.

Jones is only hurting himself because instead of getting looks as a first-round prospect he’ll be seen as a mid-round project.

Current Draft Position: 3rd Round