Washington Redsksins’ Treatment of R.G. III not Racist


Watching Kirk Cousins throw interceptions Thursday night while Robert Griffin III is in street clothes doesn’t look right. Comedian Chris Rock seems to believe that racism is behind the way the Washington Redskins are treating R.G. III. Listening to head coach Jay Gruden talk at the press conference doesn’t help the case against it.

He said, “Kirk is fine. We need to do some things better around him. This isn’t about the quarterback.” After a preseason game in which R.G. III threw a beautiful deep ball that was dropped by receiver Pierre Garcon, all Gruden could talk about is what R.G. III can do better. And the offensive line was never criticized as R.G. III died about seven deaths.

After R.G. III’s latest injury, a concussion, Gruden appears to have moved on from him. And it looks like he’s doing it with a guy that’s thrown more interceptions in his career than touchdowns. Cousins is the broke clock that will be right twice so yes, it does seem unjust that he would be starting over R.G. III.

But many of you forget that the reason why Jay Gruden was even hired was to get R.G. III to play at a hight level again. Then R.G.III was crushed and concussed this preseason and now, he’s not even in uniform when the Redskins play. And Redskins fans are now wondering why owner Daniel Snyder, who adores him, picked up his $16 option.

It’s because Snyder believes in him and there’s a plan in place to get him back on top of his game. It just won’t be this year as coaches need time to get teams and individual players going in the right direction. The organization knows R.G. III is capable of being a franchise quarterback when healthy but that offensive line won’t keep him healthy.

And R.G. III’s two tragic flaws are his health and his ego, which allows him to accept glory in victory but not blame in defeat. The latter of the two tragic flaws is why his teammates are reluctant to help him up when he’s on the ground. So the Redskins are killing to birds with one stone, keeping R.G. III out of harms way while giving him a lesson in humility.

The enormous ego it takes to be a great athlete has to be managed and on a team sport, humility is necessary. It’s especially necessary when your health depends on a group of five men (offensive line). So while he’s being humbled through working hard, knowing he’s not going to play, his teammates will have a new-found respect for him.

And they get one more offseason to fix the offensive line.

That’s a nice plan!

Sorry Chris (Rock), no racism involved here, just taking the ego down a notch!