2016 NFL Draft: early look at Michigan’s Jake Butt


Michigan’s Jake Butt is a highly athletic tight end prospect with a chance to develop into a real difference maker. He has the skill set NFL teams covet at the tight end position thanks to his athleticism and receiving skills. However, there are areas of his game that need some work.

Butt isn’t a complete player because he struggles in the blocking aspect of the game. He’s not a physical player and doesn’t drive defenders off the ball. His blocking can be described as timid and lacking tenacity. Butt also tends to get his hands outside the shoulders of his target which will lead to holding calls.

This clip shows Butt’s lack of power and hands outside the shoulder of the defender:

However, his struggles as a blocker shouldn’t be a major issue because NFL teams are targeting pass-catching tight ends. Butt has the size, athleticism and hands needed to be a major asset in the passing attack.

This is a savvy player who knows how to shake defenders at the top of his route and how to use his body to box out. Butt features excellent hands and always plucks the ball away from his frame. While he lacks aggressiveness as a blocker, he is an aggressive pass catcher who attacks the ball at its highest point.

The below clip shows the type of red zone threat Butt can be at the next level:

Butt will get plenty of consideration in the early part of the draft thanks to his pass-catching skills. However, he needs to add some strength and work at improving as a blocker. NFL teams won’t ask him to do much blocking but he has to at least so some effectiveness.

Current Draft Position: 2nd Round