2016 NFL Draft: early look at UCLA’s Kenny Clark


UCLA’s Kenny Clark is an intriguing defensive tackle prospect because of his ability to support the run. However, there are parts of his game that could keep him from being a consistently effective player in the NFL. UCLA’s current scheme may play a small role in some of Clark’s streaky play.

Clark’s best attribute is his heavy hands which he uses to control the action. He routinely gets inside hand placement and possesses the upper body strength to quickly disengage. His commitment to playing with leverage also allows him to work his way to the football.

This clip shows Clark gaining inside hands, getting arm extension, locating the ball and making a play away from his frame:

To increase his consistency, Clark needs to work on becoming more explosive out of his stance. He doesn’t generate a strong enough initial jolt which results in most of his tackles coming at or past the line of scrimmage.

Clark has the potential to be more disruptive if he delivers that strong initial jolt, gain inside hands and keep his feet moving. Some of this may be connected to the lack of tenacity Clark shows on a snap by snap basis.

This clip shows Clark failing to show a nasty streak or drive to make a play on the football. He comes up just short of making the tackle, but with a little more urgency could’ve been in better position.

Clark’s heavy hands and ability to hold at the point of attack will get him plenty of looks. However, there might be a lot of evaluators who come away wanting to see more.

Current Draft Position: 2nd Round