2016 NFL Draft: early look at Houston’s William Jackson III


Houston’s William Jackson III is an athletic and instinctive cornerback prospect. He’s a proven team player who is a sound special teams contributor. Jackson needs to add some bulk to his frame and is on the shorter side of the spectrum, but has the football savvy to make an impact in the NFL.

This is a versatile defender who can work in either zone or man coverage. He uses his balance, fluid movements and short-area burst to make plays on the football. Jackson does a good job keeping his head on the football and reading the quarterback.

The clip below shows Jackson reading the route and using his balanced stance to click and close on the football:

Jackson is a fluid athlete who can flip his hips and run with a receiver in man coverage. His overall speed also helps him keep pace on deep routes. However, his lack of size and bulk makes him vulnerable against bigger and stronger wide receivers.

Coaches are going to love his competitive nature and how he contributes on special teams. Jackson is a skilled blocker on the outside of the punt return team. He’s able to run alongside the runner and throw well-timed blocks to spring the returner.

This clip is an example of his skills as a blocker on the punt return unit:

Despite the NFL’s push towards cornerbacks with size, Jackson brings enough other things to the table to make an impact in the NFL. He should be able to contribute immediately as a special teams player and potential in the slot.

Current Draft Position: 3rd Round