2016 NFL Draft: early look at Indiana’s Jason Spriggs


Indiana’s Jason Spriggs is a highly athletic offensive tackle who has a bright future in the NFL. His measurable and style of play may hurt his stock a little as he won’t be a fit for every offensive system. However, he has shown throughout the course of his career that he has what it takes to keep his quarterback upright.

Spriggs is an excellent athlete who can get out on the move and mirror the pass rush. He’s quick out of his stance and into his kick slide which helps him protect the edge. His commitment to keeping a wide base is a key to Spriggs ability to remain balanced and change direction.

This clip shows Spriggs matching up against Ohio State’s Joey Bosa where he maintains a wide base, good arm extension and quickness to the edge:

Spriggs isn’t a power player and makes his contribution in the run game by sealing defenders from the play. His athleticism allows him to effectively climb to the second level, trap and pull to the outside. However, he lacks the power and nastiness to drive defenders off the ball. His strength concerns do spill over to his pass protection as he struggles to Velcro and sustain blocks.

This clip shows Spriggs struggling to fire off the ball and generate a push:

His lack of strength will be more of a concern for teams looking to utilize a power running attack. However, teams like the Philadelphia Eagles would see Spriggs as an ideal fit for their fast-pace offense. There seems to be more teams that run that quick hitting running style so Spriggs will have plenty of suitors.

It’s also important to note that his strength is his ability to protect the quarterback.

Current Draft Position: 2nd Round