San Francisco 49ers win with Blaine Gabbert

Nov 8, 2015; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert (2) throws the ball against Atlanta Falcons middle linebacker Paul Worrilow (55) during the first quarter at Levi

Including Tom Brady, when a quarterback is great, he’s never as great as the media makes him out to be. And when a quarterback is not-so-great, he’s not as bad as the media makes out to be. Such is the case with San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who started for ineffective starter Colin Kaepernick.

The media gave the 2-6 49ers no chance against the 6-2 Atlanta Falcons going into the game. Tight end Vernon Davis was just traded and running back Carlos was not to play with an injury. So all the so-called prognosticators wrote the 49ers’ offense off, especially with a 1st-round draft bust like Gabbert at the helm.

However, he acquitted himself, giving the 49ers defense a chance to with the game. And the 49ers took at chance, holding the high-powered Falcons offense to only one touchdown and 16 points. And Gabbert need to do was put up one more point than the Falcons without messing up and he did that.

As far as his numbers go, 15-25 for 185 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Gabbert looked a little more aware in the pocket as he didn’t take a sack in the game the way Kaepernick had been taking them. He capped off the win with a nifty scramble, something Kaepernick used to be known for.

San Francisco’s improved offensive performance could warrant more starts for Gabbert to try to turn things around. Head coach Jim Tomsula told the media after the game that he wouldn’t commit to such a thing. So 49ers fans are left to wonder what the plan is at quarterback position down the stretch of the season.

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