2016 NFL Draft: early look at Oklahoma State’s Emmanuel Ogbah


Oklahoma State’s Emmanuel Ogbah is an intriguing NFL prospect because of his tremendous athleticism. He has all the natural ability scouts look for in a pass rush prospect. Ogbah is far from a finished product, but his upside is something evaluators will struggle to overlook.

This is a well-built, long and athletic edge player. He uses his good burst and size to overwhelm blockers while pursing the football. His arm length allows him to gain inside hands and control the action. Ogbah features the strength to push the pocket as well as the quickness to attack the edge.

The below clip shows the type of pass rushing potential Ogbah possesses:

Ogbah’s potential is through the roof, but there are a lot of areas where he needs to improve. He needs to focus on reading his keys and locating the football quicker. His tendency to pick a side of the field and shoot a gap often takes him out of position.

In fact, he just isn’t around the football enough to consistently make impact plays. The clip below shows Ogbah misreading the play and providing a huge running lane for the quarterback:

Issues like this are fixable and something that will improve with improved coaching and playing time. Ogbah is still learning the game which makes him someone who’ll really benefit from the more focused coaching.

The big thing to take away from Ogbah’s play is his elite athleticism, excellent size and non-stop motor. He’s the type of player who’ll be able to make an instant impact based on his athleticism, but will be expected to improve as he gains experience.

Current Draft Position: 1st Round