2016 NFL Draft: early look at Arizona State’s Christian Westerman


The 2016 NFL Draft features several solid interior offensive line prospects such as Arizona State’s Christian Westerman. This scouting report breaks down Westerman as an NFL prospect.

Any report involving Westerman should first mention his athleticism and movement skills. He does a good job climbing to the second level, pulling to the edge and trap blocking. Arizona State runs a spread attack with a lot of quick-hitting runs which require athletic offensive linemen.

This type of system also asks the lineman to fire off the ball and seal defenders from the play. Westerman quickly gets out of his stance and engages the defensive linemen. This clip shows him gaining inside hands and using leverage to turn the defender:

Westerman is a strong fit for an offense that runs a type of zone-blocking scheme. However, he lacks the raw strength to consistently move defenders off the line of scrimmage. This isn’t a road-grader and thus doesn’t make sense for a team that operates a power-running attack.

In the passing game, Westerman shows a good solid base and the ability to anchor. He’s most effective when he gains inside hands and locks the rusher away from his frame. This clip shows Westerman anchoring after contact and mirroring the rusher:

His athleticism and movement skills are an asset, but he needs to improve his strength. There are times when more powerful defenders can push him back in the pocket. He needs to be able to seal them from the play without giving ground.

Westerman’s lack of strength and limited scheme versatility could have a negative impact on his draft stock.

Current Draft Position: 3rd Round