2016 NFL Draft Prospects: breakdown of Auburn’s Shon Coleman


Auburn’s Shon Coleman 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report.

Shon Coleman features elite athleticism for an offensive tackle prospect. He has a great burst off the line of scrimmage and also can change direction. In Auburn’s offense, Coleman is asked to make a lot of blocks at the second level and get out on the edge.

Coleman’s athleticism absolutely stands out as his best attribute, but this is also a physical player. He consistently fires off the ball, gains inside hands and can generate a push off the ball. This clip is a great example of Coleman driving the defender several yards off the line of scrimmage:

His ability as to fit in a power-running attack gives him scheme versatility. The teams looking to play a physical brand of football can just watch how Coleman plays with a nasty streak and feel comfortable that he’ll fit.

Coleman knows how to use his athleticism and movement skills to his advantage. He’s a developing but solid pass protector. His foot speed allows him to quickly reach the edge and keep the quickly defenders off the quarterback.

He also has the fluidity to change direction and react to counter moves. Coleman is a balanced mover who is committed to playing with leverage. This clip shows Coleman quickly getting into his kick slide and protecting the edge:

Coleman is the type of prospect who will only improve with more individualized coaching. Auburn’s offense isn’t a pro-style attack which means Coleman will need to refine some of his techniques. However, this is an elite prospect who could step in and make an immediate impact.

Current Draft Position: 1st Round