2016 NFL Draft Scouting Reports: LSU’s Deion Jones 2016 Draft Scouting Report


LSU’s Deion Jones 2016 Draft Scouting Report.

Deion Jones is a highly athletic linebacker prospect who has been productive in the SEC. He plays at a fast pace and can cover a lot of ground. Jones will get plenty of looks because of his athleticism but there are some holes in his game.

The first thing that jumps off the screen when watching Jones is his quickness and closing speed. He’s able to close on the ball carrier and make plays from sideline to sideline. When he trusts his reads, Jones is able to shoot into the backfield and produce tackles for loss.

A concern is that Jones doesn’t always trust his reads which impacts his ability to consistently be in proper position. His inability or unwillingness to take on blocks means he needs to always be a step ahead of the offensive linemen.

This clip shows Jones a little slow to react, failing to meet the blocker in hole and allowing a big play by the running back:

At this point, Jones needs to be in a system that allows him to freely flow to the football. He needs a defensive line in front of him that occupies blockers rather than looking to disrupt. This limits the number of teams that could consider adding him.

Jones’ fluid movement skills give him the ability to hold up in coverage. He’s able to run with most running backs and tight ends. This clip shows how his explosive burst can be used to create turnovers:

However, he needs to work on his feel in zone coverage. He tends to get out of position and leave open holes in the defense. This is area that could improve with coaching and experience. Jones has obvious talent and the skills that give him upside.

Current Draft Position: 4th Round