2016 NFL Draft Scouting Reports: LSU’s Jerald Hawkins 2016 Scouting Report

LSU’s Jerald Hawkins 2016 Scouting Report.

Jerald Hawkins is a physical offensive line prospect who has done battle in the SEC trenches. He has experience against teams like Alabama and Ole Miss who have elite talent along the defensive line. However, Hawkins might be facing a position change at the next level.

His best attributes are his power and ability to move defenders off the line of scrimmage. He’s a nasty run blocker who does a great job exploding off the ball, gaining inside hands and delivering a jolt. Hawkins keeps his feet continuously moving which helps him generate a strong push off the line.

He also features heavy hands which allow him to Velcro to the defender and get his arms extended. This ability to move people in the running game makes Hawkins a strong candidate to bump inside to guard.

However, his struggles working in space are the main reason he needs to make a position change. Hawkins isn’t a fluid move and struggles to change direction. He plays with a high pad level and features an unbalanced kick slide.

This clip shows Hawkins’ awkward movements and struggles protecting the edge:

NFL pass rushers are so advanced that they’ll easily be able to expose Hawkins’ weak points. Due to his high pad level, defenders will be able to get into his frame and knock him off balance. Hawkins isn’t a natural bender which hurts his balance and ability to adjust to counter moves.

A position change would help hide Hawkins’ deficiencies while also allowing him to play to strengths. This is a talented player who has excellent upside at the guard position.

Current Draft Position: Late 2nd Round