2016 NFL Draft Scouting Reports: Louisiana Tech’s Vernon Butler 2016 Scouting Report

Louisiana Tech’s Vernon Butler 2016 Scouting Report.

Vernon Butler is a raw but physically gifted defensive line prospect. He features excellent size, long arms, lateral quickness and a good closing burst. There’s a lot of potential here but there is also room for improvement.

Butler needs to work on being more consistent and that starts with his hand usage. He tends to play a little high and use his body more than his hands. This allows blockers into his frame and creates movement off the line of scrimmage.

He also has a poor habit of trying to work around the blocker rather than holding at the point of attack. Butler has the strength and arm length needed to anchor but he must clean up his technique.

This clip shows Butler using his hands to work off a block and then his short-area burst to close on the ball carrier:

It’s flash plays like this that drives Butler’s draft stock. He’s capable of penetrating the pocket and disrupting the timing of the offense. His combination of size and quickness give him the potential to develop into a difference maker.

The NFL features the best coaches in the world and many of those coaches are confident in their skills. When these coaches see a raw talent like Butler they have no doubt they’re the ones who’ll make the most of his abilities.

Butler has a bright future, but there will be some growing pains. It may be a year or two before he’s ready to contribute on a consistent basis.

Current Draft Position: Late 3rd Round