2016 NFL Draft: Michigan State’s Shilique Calhoun 2016 Scouting Report

Michigan State’s Shilique Calhoun 2016 Scouting Report

Shilique Calhoun has been on the NFL draft radar for the past three seasons. He’s such a known commodity that he isn’t generating as much buzz as other prospects. However, Calhoun used his time at Michigan State wisely by getting better each and every year.

His success as a pass rusher is thanks to his length, snap awareness and lateral wiggle. He’s ability to threaten the edge just enough to force the offensive tackle a little off balance. At this point, Calhoun uses his excellent change of direction skills to counter inside.

This clip shows some of the speed Calhoun has off the edge:

On this play, he also shows the balance to dip his shoulder and keep the blocker off his frame. It’s pass-rush moves like this that makes Calhoun a consistent threat. He’s a smart and hard-working player who’ll fight to make an impact play.

Calhoun does a solid job supporting the run where he uses his awareness to quickly locate the ball. He routinely works to the proper side of the field while getting into good position. However, he needs to be more consistent with his overall hand usage and pad level.

He tends to raise his pad level which allows the blocker to gain inside hands and generate a push off the ball. Calhoun needs to do a better job firing off the ball, rolling his hips and delivering a jolt. This is an area where a few adjustments could make a quick impact.

Overall, Calhoun projects as a solid all-around player who has a chance to approach the double-digit sack mark at some point in his career.

Current Draft Position: Early 2nd Round