2016 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Super Bowl Update

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2016 NFL Mock Draft

The Super Bowl is in the books and now we can all turn our attention to the offseason. Free agency comes first, but then the real fun in April with the draft. Both events are tied together as teams will adjust their draft plans based on their free agent additions.

Teams are close to finalizing their draft boards with the final touches coming after the combine and team visits. The combine is an important piece of the puzzle but often overrated. Teams get most of value from the official weigh-ins, medical checks and interviews.

It’s always fun to see who runs the fastest 40-time and there are some evaluators who put weight in that workout. At the very least, it gives teams something to think about if a prospect comes out and does the unexpected.

This year’s draft has several interesting storylines that will play out. The quarterback situation is going to be fun to watch as these prospects could either rise high or suffer a surprising drop.

However, defensive linemen will be the talk of the first round with several high-profile players coming from that position group. On the other hand, the wide receiver group is weaker than past years where we could see some players drop.

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