Pro Comparisons for 2016 NFL Draft prospects


A lot of the prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft bring to mind current NFL players.

The 2016 NFL Draft is only hours away, and personally I love the draft. All of the players, juicy storylines, possibilities for the future, all really interest me. I think the prospects resemble some NFL pros in the league now, so without further delay I will give you some great comparisons.

Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State

Comparison: Jay Cutler
Why? Jay Cutler is a quarterback with a huge arm which he isn’t afraid to use, an awful offensive line and who throws lots of picks. He has had a few pro bowls and productive seasons under his belt, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Hackenberg has all of these traits, and I see him being a pro bowler once or twice, but other than that he will be a productive signal caller with good but not great numbers.

Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

Comparison: Vernon Davis

Why? They’re both big and fast tight ends with play making abilities but are plagued with inconsistent hands. Jerell Adams has the talent to thrive with a good quarterback, but like Davis could disappear if things under-center are shaky. The key is that Adams has huge upside, but also the potential to never cash in on his physical traits.

Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, FSU

Comparison: Tyrann Mathieu

Come on this is just obvious– they are both athletic and versatile defensive backs that make plays all over the field. I see Ramsey being a great NFL player, but unlike Mathieu he’s less likely to deal with injury problems. Whoever drafts him is getting an amazing player.

Dak Presscot, Mississippi state, QB 

Comparison: Russell Wilson

Why? Both are mobile Quarterbacks with good arms that will be selected in the mid rounds. I can change this a little and say that he will be comparable to Tyrod Taylor, but I’m going to be bold and say Russell Wilson.

Karl Joseph, WVU, Safety

Comparison: HaHa Clinton Dix

Why? Both are very strong against the run and pass, and are excellent ball hawks. Karl Joseph played 4 games and had 5 picks! That is INSANE! Although Joseph is around 5’11 which is small for a safety, he plays a lot bigger. He will be a great pickup for ANY team who decides to draft  him.

Robert Nkemdiche , Ole Miss, D-line

Comparison: Michael Bennett

Why? Both are huge linemen with great speed, power and the ability to get after the Quarterback. These are also guys who have some off the field issues and are very expressive. Nkemdiche’s off-field problems are a little more concerning as are some of the on-field inconsistencies.

Cardale Jones, Ohio State, QB

Comparison: JaMarcus Russell

Why? This might be a tad bit too harsh, but it’s true. They are both big-bodied prospects, have big arms and respectable college careers. They both have been reportedly lazy and Jones hasn’t had huge academic success or effort. If Cardale Jones gives the necessary effort to improve he has the potential to have a great career. This was the case with Russell who never put in that extra effort.