2017 NFL Draft: Missouri Charles Harris Scouting Report

Missouri’s Charles Harris is a pass-rushing prospect who is more hype than actual production.

Charles Harris flashes the ability to get after the quarterback and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. However, he lacks consistency and a diverse pass-rush arsenal. Harris mainly looks to win with speed around the edge which he complements with a spin move.

His spin move is the most effective as he does a good job keeping balanced and on point. The issue is that NFL offensive linemen are smart and will quickly identify the spin move as Harris’ go-to attack.

Harris must work on improving his hand usage in order to round out his game. As a pass rusher, he fails to gain inside hands which would help him knock the blocker off balance and keep him off his frame. His lack of hand usage is most notable when Harris is able to gain the edge with his quickness.

The blocker often easily pushes him past the pocket because Harris doesn’t use his hands to keep the edge and flatten out. Improving his hand usage is also necessary for Harris to develop a power rush. Without adding more moves to his arsenal, Harris is nothing more than a one-trick pony and he lacks the elite speed to consistently win off the edge.

As an overall pass rusher, he does most of his damage shooting the inside gaps. Here he lowers his pad level, dips his shoulder and slips into the backfield. The problem is that he lacks the size and strength to play defensive tackle on a consistent basis.

Harris also needs a lot of work as a run defender. He consistently gives up the edge, gets moved off the line of scrimmage and struggles working of blocks. There are too many situations where he opens running lanes by trying to avoid the block.

Overall, Harris needs to show major improvements in several areas to be considered more than just a situational pass rusher.

Current Draft Range: 4th Round