2017 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Williams Back in Top 10

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Clemson Tigers wide receiver Mike Williams finally ran is 40 at his Pro Day after skipping it at the combine. And he has checked off the boxes, moving back up in my 2017 NFL Mock Draft. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I got skittish on WR Mike Williams when he didn’t run a 40 at the combine. But after his Pro Day, he’s where he’s back in the top 10 of my 2017 NFL Mock Draft.

After watching Mike Williams perform in 2016, I had him as my No.1 WR prospect, going in the top 10. But after he was a healthy scratch for his 40 at the combine I wasn’t so convinced. Some may believe the 40 doesn’t matter but teams don’t take chances with a first-round picks.

Teams have to know the guy they picked in the first  round can maintain separation. It’s no good for a WR to shake a CB then get closed before the ball gets there. To be a first-round WR you have to be able to do more than simply box out, outmuscle or outreach a CB for the ball.

So Williams, at 6’4″, 218 pounds, had to run at least in the mid 4.5s to get drafted early. Mike Williams from USC in 2004 ran 4.59 and a 4.61 at 6’5″, 230 pounds and flopped in the NFL. But this year’s WR prospect took care of business, running a 4.49 at his Pro Day.

So my faith in him is restored and he’s the top WR of this class, poised to go in the top 10.

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