Akrum Wadley: 2018 NFL Draft Preview

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 2: Running back Akrum Wadley
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 2: Running back Akrum Wadley /

Akrum Wadley has a chance to be one of the top running backs selected in 2018.

Akrum Wadley isn’t the most athletic player in college football. However, he is a good athlete and he has some elite skills. First thing that pops off the tape about Wadley is his stop/start acceleration. Wadley can come to a complete stop, and be back at full speed in an instant. He is a little bit like LeSean McCoy in that aspect. Also like McCoy, Wadley doesn’t have elite top speed, but he has serviceable speed.

Akrum Wadley has the patience to let blocks to develop. However, unlike many smaller backs, Wadley doesn’t dance behind the line. Wadley has a deadly jump cut, which helps him hit holes that might develop a little bit behind him. Akrum Wadley gets north and south as soon as he sees a hole.

In space Wadley is deadly. On top of his ability to stop and start as quick as he does, Wadley has ridiculous short area quickness. Standing at 6’1″ 190 pounds Wadley isn’t a power back, but he does have more power than most 190 pound backs. Wadley never stops his feet, so he generates more movement than expected.

On top of the running game Wadley adds value in the passing game. Wadley is a willing blocker, however his technique could use a little refinement. That being said most college backs need a little bit of help to learn proper blocking techniques. Wadley is good enough in space to be a threat on check down routes.

Bottom Line

Wadley will probably be a 2nd-4th  round pick this coming year. Ideally this time next year Wadley will weigh in around 200+ pounds, to be able to withstand a full NFL season. Wadley will be the focus of defenses this coming season, so every yard he earns will be hard-fought.