2018 NFL Draft Big Board: Ranking the Top 10 Prospects

ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Derwin James
ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Derwin James /
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The next NFL Draft is a long way off, but it’s never to early to establish a base for a 2018 NFL Draft Big Board.

This updated 2018 NFL Draft Big Board breaks down the top players currently on my board. Obviously, this list is going to see a lot of changes as we progress through the season.

However, it’s hard to imagine some of the quarterback prospects falling too far down the board. This is a real special group of quarterbacks and could see more than a handful selected in the 1st round.

I only ranked my top-10 players mainly because the rest of my rankings are very fluid. The prospects inside my top-10 are players who have solidified their draft stock. Things could change but it’s hard to imagine them falling too far down my board.

However, there are always players who see their stock significantly rise. It’s very likely that several new players will jump into my top-10 as the season progresses.

The information about each prospect in this article is based on my own evaluations. This means it’s likely that there will be different opinions from other sources. It’s just the start of a draft season that promises to be interesting.