Dallas Cowboys: Does it matter if Ezekiel Elliot is in Lineup?


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott recently stated it didn’t matter if Ezekiel Elliot was in the Cowboys lineup or not.  But how true is that statement?

Ezekiel Elliot will miss six games due to suspension this season.  Even if he doesn’t miss all six games, the Dallas Cowboys will be without last years’ rushing champion for a good part of the season.

Any way you look at it, that’s a huge loss.  But does that mean that the Cowboys can’t return to the playoffs without him?  No it doesn’t.  Elliot is among the best running backs in the league but you don’t need a great running back to win in the NFL.

However, quarterback is a different story.  And in Dak Prescott, I think the Cowboys have the best quarterback in the NFC East.  In saying that it doesn’t matter if Elliot plays is Prescott downplaying Elliot’s importance too much.  Yes, he is. Here is what Prescott had to say:

"“I don’t think this offense is going to be much different,” Prescott said. “The way our team is built, it’s kind of the way we played last year, just in the physical offensive line that wears people down. We’ve got great receivers to go make plays in the passing game. As I said before, no matter who we put in at running back, I think both of those guys have been Pro Bowlers in their careers. It really doesn’t matter.”"

But as the leader of the football team, I wouldn’t expect Dak Prescott to show any signs of uncertainty.  This is the kind of confidence that the team will need from its leader in the face of adversity.

Many pundits are picking against the Cowboys because of the loss of Elliot.  But the Cowboys themselves will have higher expectations.  And lets not forget the Cowboys still have some things going for them coming into the season.

They have the best offensive line in football which features three pro bowlers.  They have tow former 1,000 yard running backs in Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden.  So the Dallas Cowboys rushing attack will miss the explosiveness of Ezekiel Elliot, they’ll still be productive.

And while the Dallas Cowboys defense is a work in progress, they can still win the division with it in 2017.  But most importantly, the Cowboys have Dak Prescott.  A quarterback who gets it and knows a team needs to stay focused on the goals for the season.

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Lets reverse the scenario and the Dallas Cowboys had to play without Prescott, then I would say they’re in trouble.  But that’s not the case and the confidence that Prescott is displaying without Elliot, I think the Cowboys will still be right in the thick of the NFC East race.