2018 NFL Mock Draft: Opening Weekend Edition

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12. Los Angeles Chargers- Connor Williams, OT, Texas

Connor Williams is an elite athlete who projects as a franchise left tackle in the NFL. He combines his athleticism with good size and raw power. Williams has all the measurables and movement skills teams look for in a left tackle.

The Los Angeles Chargers have been looking for someone to lock down the left tackle position for a long time. It seems like this has been a weakness for the bulk of Philip Rivers career. Rivers’ lack of athleticism means it’s not ideal to a leaky offensive line.

Limiting the pressure is even more important now that Rivers is getting older. The Chargers are hoping that the oft-injured Russell Okung and solve the problem but that seems like a pipe dream.

Williams is the ideal candidate to step in and finally give the Chargers a franchise left tackle. He will be in place for the end of Rivers’ career and ready for his eventual replacement.

The Chargers are another team that may look at a quarterback at this point in the draft. They need to find someone to eventual fill Rivers’ shoes. We might not see a quarterback rich draft like this in the next 10 years.